Flow  (English, Paperback, Csikszentmihalyi Mihaly)

Flow (English, Paperback, Csikszentmihalyi Mihaly)

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This book of nonfiction focuses on what are the reasons, experiences and states of mind that make a person genuinely happy. The author calls this state of deep ecstatic state ‘flow’, which is aptly the title of the book. Summary of the book Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, the author, studied all those states of mind in which people reported their moments of deepest enjoyments and concentration. He explains how this results in experiencing a genuinely satisfying state called Flow. When concentration is keenly focused amounting to absolute absorption in any activity, it evokes a perfect sense of happiness. The book gains importance with its contribution to contemporary psychology. The book also discusses timeless issues like art, sports, family, relationships and sex which constitute a continuous learning process in life. The psychology of optimal experience can be controlled as a positive state of mind, and is not a matter of luck or chance. On this note, the book indeed helps in improving the quality of life. About Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi Mihaly was born in Fiume, Italy. He was a professor of Psychology in Hungary and later moved to the United States. He is currently teaching at the Claremont Graduate University. Mihaly’s notable contribution is in the study of creativity and happiness. He is also the author of Good Work, The Evolving Self, Becoming adult, Being Adolescent and The Art of Seeing among many other books.